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Ebook Formatting Services

I specialize in creating interactive fixed format illustrated ebooks for Kindle and iBooks, but also do reflowable ePub and Mobi files with complex styling. If you have a children's book or graphic novel, an art or photo book, or any work with complex layouts, I can turn it into an ebook for you.

Use the contact page to send a query with the details of your project for a quote, or contact me through Upwork. Be sure to list the number of pages, what type of book it is, and which format(s) you want, along with any special options, such as Text Pop-Ups or Video, and your desired time frame for completion.

Please see the chart below for current rates and options, an FAQ, and sample files of some fixed layout features.


The files below provide examples of what is possible in the two main fixed layout formats. Click each link to download the file, and then open on your device. If you download from the browser on your device you should be able to open them directly, but you can also transfer them manually to your device from a desktop via USB. Use direct drag-and-drop for Kindle (they will appear on the Docs tab), and iTunes for iOS devices.

You may also open the files on a desktop application, but be aware that some features are not available on these platforms.

iBooks Fixed Layout (.epub)

iBooks Sample File - 12 Pages [13.06 MB]

Features Read Aloud, Embedded Audio and Video, and Interactive elements

Kindle Fixed Layout (.mobi)

Kindle Basic Layouts - 8 Pages [11.36 MB]

Kindle Zoom Features - 16 Pages [19.12 MB]

The iBooks format is ideal for illustrated ebooks, with the iPad devices presenting a book-friendly 4:3 aspect ratio and built-in pinch-and-zoom for text and image magnification. Apple, however, requires live text layers, though this is not strictly enforced for comics.

Amazon's Kindle platform leads the field in market share, so while the widescreen presentation of the Fire tablets is not ideal for fixed layouts, the wide distribution of devices more than makes up for it. The "Region Magnification" feature is unique to this platform, and has many uses.

Features & Options:

  • Live Text Layers
  • Two-Page Spreads
  • Built-In Pinch & Zoom
  • Embedded Video Clips
  • Background Audio Tracks
  • Text Pop-Ups via Footnotes
  • Embedded Fonts (as licensing permits)
  • Portrait or Landscape Orientation (with Auto-Rotate)
  • Read Aloud with embedded audio narration
  • Text-To-Speech with Live Text layers (Siri-read)
  • Java script for animations and interactivity
  • Also readable in Google Play and Kobo devices
  • Image Resolution up to 4 million pixels each
  • 2 GB maximum file size for upload

Features & Options:

  • Live Text Layers (even in Pop-Ups)
  • Zoomed Text and Image Pop-Ups
  • Panel View for Comics
  • Lightbox to dim images behind active Pop-Ups
  • Dual-Language possible in Pop-Ups
  • Alternate text and images possible in Pop-Ups
  • Portrait/Landscape lock or Auto-Orientation
  • Two-Page Spreads only for Comics with no layers
  • Embedded Fonts (as licensing permits)
  • Text-To-Speech when Live Text is present
  • No embedded Audio or Video supported
  • No scripting for animations
  • Image file size up to 5 Mb each
  • 650 MB maximum file size for upload


The following are my standard rates for ebook production. Payments via PayPal only, with a minimum of half up front as a retainer and the remainder upon completion. No files will be delivered until full payment is received.

Reflowable Files:

Base Rate: $50.00 (includes Cover, Table of Contents, up to 50,000 words and 10 images)
Additional word charge:$1.00 per 1000 words
Additional graphics:$1.00 per image or decorative element (drop caps excluded)
Per Video/Audio file:$5.00
Bundle Includes:ePub, Kindle

Fixed Layout Files:

Base Rate: $50.00 (includes cover and all support files)
Per page charge:$1.00 (includes one layer)
Per layer charge:$1.00 per each additional layer (i.e. text or image pop-ups)
Per Video/Audio file:$5.00 (epub only, for iBooks, Google Play, and Kobo)
Read Aloud:.10¢ per word (iBooks only; audio narration must be provided)
Interactivity:$10.00 per page element (i.e. stamp, drag, animations)
Bundle Discount:Half price for 2nd format (discounted from lowest price format)

Print-Ready PDF:

Base Rate: $1.00 per page (text only, graphic design & styling included)
Per image charge:$1.00 (includes graphic design & layout, such as word wrap)
Specifications:PDF/X-1a:2001 or High Quality for Web

For a detailed quote please use the Contact page to send a query for your project and I will respond as soon as possible.


Usually within 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the project and my current workload. Often within 12-24 hours for simple image-only or text-based titles, though very complex projects may take several weeks (such as those with Read Aloud narration or extensive interactivity).

Page layouts can be submitted as PDF, HTML, or InDesign, although mock ups in Word or Pages are acceptable as well. All text content will be copied and pasted as is from the source files, so be sure to proof your copy carefully before submission.

If supplying a custom font for embedding, its licensed must allow for distribution, either freely or with a purchased license.

All images should be in RGB JPEG format for Kindle, up to 1.5 Mb per image as an upper recommendation (although up to 5 MB is allowed), in the resolution of your choice (150 ppi is a good choice). For iBooks fixed layouts images must contain no more than 5 million pixels each. PNG with transparency is supported in ePub and iBooks, but not on Kindle.

Audio for narration can be submitted in any format, but mp3 or m4a are standard. I can convert audio files if necessary. This is true of video as well, but accepted formats for iBooks are m4v or mp4.

None, aside from KindleGen for KF8, and InDesign's ePub export option. Reflowable files are built using either Sigil or Dreamweaver. All files are otherwise built from scratch and hand-coded using EPUB3 specifications and the recognized subset of HTML and CSS, plus the relevant proprietary code for each platform. This allows every element within the publication to be precisely controlled and easily updated when necessary.

Absolutely. I test all files on multiple devices, including 2 iPads, 5 Kindles, as well as Kindle apps for Android and PC. All epub files are validated via epubcheck before delivery. And while I strive for 100% accuracy, ebooks are quite complex and human error can occur from time to time. Should any errors be encountered these will be addressed immediately.

Only for iBooks, but you can use the same one for the EPUB file wherever you submit it. Amazon will provide its own unique ASIN identifier if an ISBN is not provided, but if you add one of your own it must be unique and not the same one used for the EPUB file, as it is considered a different edition of that title.

If used, ISBN's must be provided along with the ebook content, as it will be added to the ebook metadata as its unique identifier.

No. These must be obtained from the ISBN registrar in your territory (Bowker in the U.S. or Neilson in the U.K., for example). Canada provides them free to its citizens.

This is really two questions in one, as there are two factors to consider: aspect ratio and resolution. Aspect ratio is the ratio of width to height, such as 6x9 for standard print book pages. Complicating this is the fact that the iPad has a 4:3 ratio while the Fire tablets use the widescreen 16:10 format. In any case your page will not fit exactly on all screens, so it is best to design to the content of the page, rather than the platform.

Resolution, on the other hand, is how many pixels are in the image, measured as dimensions, such as 1200x800. Given that display resolution continues to increase, it is best to add the largest images you can, especially if your readers may want to zoom the page. The largest Kindle currently is the HDX 8.9 with a resolution of 2560x1600. To allow for zoom a full page image should be 1.5 times that, or 3840x2400 (if you use that aspect ratio). Unfortunately, however, Apple limits total image size to 4 million pixels, which even 2560x1600 exceeds. The largest resolution that can be used in iBooks (at their 4:3 ratio) is 2309x1732, so a nice, even 2300x1725 would suffice. You may submit different size images for iBooks and Kindle if you wish.

A further consideration is the file size of each image. Amazon restricts this to 5 Mb per image, but that is excessive, and each image should be kept below 2 Mb for performance reasons, with 1.5 Mb being a good upper range. File size varies greatly depending on the content, but images that are too small become fuzzy when zoomed to full screen or larger, so a happy medium is in order.

Yes. I provide Copyediting at the basic rate of .02¢ per word, which covers spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as recommending changes in syntax and word choice where they hinder clarity. You may submit a sample of up to 500 words in prose, or 100 words of graphic novel text, which I will copy edit for no charge.

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