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The Saga of Beowulf, Book I:
The Land of Death & Shadow

by R. Scot Johns

ISBN: 978-0-9821538-1-9
343 Pages / 191,953 Words


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In this first part of the epic fantasy adventure “The Saga of Beowulf” we follow the young Norse warrior Beowulf as he embarks upon a fateful quest for vengeance against the creature that slew his father, setting in motion a sequence of events that will take him from the fetid fens of Denmark to the frozen fields of Swede-Land as he battles men and demons in a quest to conquer his own fears, all the while fleeing from the woman he has sworn to love.

“Part I: The Land of Death & Shadow” takes us from the daring fight with Grendel to the battle with the Troll-Hag witch that spawned the ogre brood. In the hall of Hrothgar we meet the proud but fallen clan of Danes, and await with Beowulf the hidden terrors lurking in the shadows of the night.

Steeped in Norse mythology and lore and set amidst the harsh and rugged northern shores of dark age Dane-Land, “The Saga of Beowulf” is a bold new retelling of the epic 10th century poem “Beowulf,” the first epic to be written in the English language.

An epic adventure “1500 years in the making,” this classic tale now comes to life once more in a bold new retelling for a modern audience.

NOTE: This edition contains exclusive digital bonus content, including "Edgtheow's Tale," a 6-page, 2543-word deleted sequence cut from chapter one, as well as high-resolution rear jacket cover art from the print edition and complete glossaries of place and proper names (with pronunciation guides).

Part I: The Land of Death & Shadow

  • Genealogical Chart
  • Map of Scandinavia


  1. The Coming Of Grendel
  2. The Sea Voyage
  3. Into The Dead Lands
  4. Unferth’s Challenge
  5. Darkness Falls
  6. The Ogre Battle
  7. The Trail Of Blood
  8. The Battle Of Sorrow Hill
  9. The Blood Of Danes
  10. Revenge Of The Troll-Hag
  11. March To The Mere
  12. Descent Into Darkness
  13. The Demon’s Lair
  14. The Lure Of The Witch Queen
  15. Hrothulf’s Treachery
  16. The Fall Of Heorot

Bonus Digital Edition Content:

  • Edgtheow’s Tale
  • Glossary of Proper Names
  • Glossary of Place Names

"A terrific story told with great skill...described with richness and power."
   – Alex McGilvery, Armchair Interviews

"An astoundingly readable, satisfyingly meaty historical tale."
   – Dr. Al Past, Professor of Linguistics

"Action packed and true to the heroic fantasy genre. I was amazed."
   – Jon Snow, Best Fantasy Books

"A classic, full of guaranteed enjoyment."
   - Midwest Book Review

See the "Complete Edition" product page for more reviews!

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