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The Ring Saga, Book I:
Theft of the Rhinegold

by R. Scot Johns

ISBN: 978-0-9821538-6-4


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Based on ancient Norse mythology and Richard Wagner's immortal opera cycle "Der Ring Das Nibelungen," this opening chapter of "The Ring Saga" introduces us to Alberich, the Nibelung dwarf smith whose curse on love begins an epic battle with the Gods for the rule of all the world.

Smitten with the beauty of the siren-like Rhinemaidens, Alberich is lured into their underwater lair, where he is teased and taunted to the limits of his breaking point...

Three years in the making, "The Theft of the Rhinegold" begins an epic fantasy adventure told in images and words, a new breed of graphic novel that places equal emphasis on the literary content as it does upon the full color artwork that fills each page.

Planned as a four-volume series of over 100 pages each, with art and text by R. Scot Johns, author of the award-winning historical fantasy novel "The Saga of Beowulf," the next epic adventure awaits!

The Ring Saga, Book I: The Rhinegold

  • Act I: Theft of the Rhinegold
  • Act II: Valhalla Rising
  • Act III: Slaves of the Ring
  • Act IV: Alberich's Curse
  • Act V: The Prophecy of Doom

The Ring Saga, Book II: The Ride of the Valkyrie

  • Act I: Baldur's Dream
  • Act II: Odin at the Gates of Hel
  • Act III: In the Lair of Fafnir
  • Act IV: Loki's Lure
  • Act V: The Flight of Sigemund
  • Act VI: In Hunding's Hall
  • Act VII: Loki's Brood
  • Act VIII: Brunhilde's Defiance
  • Act IX: Red Storm Cloud
  • Act X: The Shearing of Sif's Hair
  • Act XI: The Flight of Sieglinde
  • Act XII: The Sleep of Brunhilde
  • Act XIII: Grimhild's Fee

The Ring Saga, Book III: The Sword of Siegfried

  • Act I: Loki In Hel
  • Act II: The Runes of Protection
  • Act III: Forging of the Sword
  • Act IV: The Death of Baldur
  • Act V: Alberich’s Warning
  • Act VI: Hermod’s Ride to Hel
  • Act VII: The Fight With Fafnir
  • Act VIII: Loki’s Refusal
  • Act IX: The Chaining of Loki
  • Act X: The Words of Erda
  • Act XI: The Breaking of Odin’s Staff
  • Act XII: The Awakening of Brunhilde
  • Act XIII: Secret Teachings

The Ring Saga, Book IV: The Twilight of the Gods

  • Act I: The Fate of the Norns
  • Act II: The Great Winter
  • Act III: Siegfried’s Farewell
  • Act IV: The Scheming of Hagen
  • Act V: The Ring Curse at Work
  • Act VI: Siegfried’s Return
  • Act VII: The Conspiracy Revealed
  • Act VIII: The Wedding Feast
  • Act IX: The Hunting Party
  • Act X: The Sorrow of the Rhinemaids
  • Act XI: Washing Day
  • Act XII: The Death of Siegfried
  • Act XIII: Siegfried’s Return
  • Act XIV: Siegfried’s Pyre
  • Act XV: The Hel Ride of Brunhilde
  • Act XVI: Ragnarök
  • Act XVII: Rebirth


   - Natasha Fondren @eBookArtisans - February 29, 2012

"The Ring Saga is awe-inspiring!"

   - Kevin Callahan @BNGOBooks - February 27, 2012

"A very readable and engaging literary and artistic effort. Me likes it, my precious!"

   - Gregory D. Clark, author of "Sunset Dancer" - February 13, 2012

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