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Kindle Fixed Layout Template
- Simple Edition

by R. Scot Johns

Version: 2.1
Published: May 2013
11 Pages

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ePub Format [8.89 Mb]

Download includes the epub source format file only, for use in your own projects.
See Tutorial Index for more details and sample files.

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This template features 11 image-only pages for your use in creating fixed layout comics and graphic novels in the Kindle format. Demonstrations of several variant ways to embed full pages images are included, as well as methods for inserting more than one image on a page. It is a simplified version of the complete Advanced Template, both of which function as companion files to the full ebook tutorial "How to Make Kindle Comics & Children’s Books."

This Simple Edition template includes examples of three different image embedding methods, plus three layout styles (with multiple instances of each), these being single pages, two-page spreads with an inner margin, and two-page spreads combined into a single landscape image. You are free to use the template as the basis of your own projects. Simply choose the page layout style desired and replace the included images with your own!

Only the source .epub file is now provided, which contains all of the underlying code that you can use to make your own ebook containing any or all of the features listed.

NOTE: This template is available to download FREE with the purchase of How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books.

  1. Title Page - single page with full-bleed image
  2. Copyright Page - same as above with active hyperlink
  3. Promo Page - same as above with "facing-page-left" spread property
  4. No CSS Image - facing-page-right spread with self-contained CSS
  5. CSS Embedding - example of an image using the CSS <div id> embedding method
  6. HTML Embedding - example of an image using the <img src> embedding method
  7. Spread Left - two-page spread with no margin using "page-spread" property
  8. Spread Right - right half of above two-page spread
  9. Two-Image Page Spread - full page image using two half-page images
  10. One-Image Page Spread - right half of above two-page spread
  11. Panel Layout - comic page using five individual image panels

"R. Scot Johns is the world’s most knowledgeable person on the subject of KF8. He understands and communicates much more effectively than Amazon themselves do, and it would be in their interest to buy a copy of his new book for anyone who wants one."

   - Dan Wright, Director, Circular Software

"The accompanying templates are fantastic and make it much easier to digest some of the technical information."

   - Sarah -

"The [tutorial] includes access to a couple templates that really had me hit the ground running."

   - Troy Husum >-

"You can also buy and download the example files used in the book from the website. These accompanying resources are great to work with. I also like the artwork in the book!

   - Coki-c >-

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