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Kindle Fixed Layout Template
- Advanced Edition

by R. Scot Johns

Version: 3.1
Published: May 2013
18 Pages

FREE! Download

ePub Format [12.5 Mb]

Download includes the epub source format file only, for use in your own projects.
See Tutorial Index for more details and sample files.

  • Overview
  • Table Of Contents
  • Reviews

This is the complete companion template to the ebook tutorial "How to Make Kindle Comics & Children’s Books" by R. Scot Johns, featuring 18 pages of sample content for use in creating fixed layout illustrated ebooks in the Kindle format. Spanning the gamut from simple, image-only pages to complex interactive layers, it demonstrates with practical examples every aspect of Kindle fixed layout code, from live text overlays to image and text zoom functions, with many unique examples of their use. All features are explained in detail in the companion ebook tutorial. Updated to include ePub3 Navigation and several new layout examples that add to the fun and functionality of KF8!

The following are just a few of the features included in the template:

  • Image-only pages, using self-contained CSS within the HTML file
  • Text-only pages, with or without background images
  • Thumbnail image expandable to full-page size
  • Table of Contents with active links and custom styling
  • CSS <div id=> versus HTML <img src=> image insertion methods
  • PageId Spine attribute: "page-spread" versus "facing-page"
  • Embedded text versus "live" text embedded fonts
  • MagZoom using "sourceId" for magnifying default text content, with or without additional styling
  • Alternate text placement examples using magTarget values to move zoomed content
  • Adding backgrounds to magnified regions, using images or Lightbox fills
  • Emulating word wrap around images using precise line positioning, as well as word and letter spacing
  • MagZoom using "TargetId" for creating magTargets with alternate content
  • Alternate formatting for magnified text, with either the same or different content
  • Image switching by inserting different images into the magnified window overlay
  • Region Magnification using Panel View to zoom specific sections of an image
  • Using temporary color fills to position panel MagRegions
  • Lightbox effects for dimming the surrounding background
  • Using TargetParent to create a Lightbox fill within a text box
  • Switching the entire contents of a page with one action, including images, live text, and an active hyperlink in the activated content

Only the source .epub file is now provided, which contains all of the underlying code that you can use to make your own ebook containing any or all of the features listed.

NOTE: This template is available to download FREE with the purchase of How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books.

  • Self-Contained CSS
  • Standard HTML w/Zoomable Thumbnails & Active Hyperlinks
  • Internal Table Of Contents with Active Links
  • Image Insertion Method #1: CSS using <div id=>
  • Image Insertion Method #2: HTML using <img src=>
  • Landscape Image 2-Page Spread with inner margin using "facing-page"
  • Landscape Image 2-Page Spread with no inner margin using "page-spread"
  • MagRegion Example #1: "SourceId" (magnifying same content)
  • Text Positioning Examples
    • Alternate Placement of Mag Content
    • Alternate Styling of Mag Regions
  • MagRegion Example #2: "Target Id" (replacing content in magnified containers)
  • Image Switching Examples (for "reveals" or "animations")
  • MagRegion Example #3: Panel View
  • MagRegion Example #4: Lightbox Fills

"R. Scot Johns is the world’s most knowledgeable person on the subject of KF8. He understands and communicates much more effectively than Amazon themselves do, and it would be in their interest to buy a copy of his new book for anyone who wants one."

   - Dan Wright, Director, Circular Software

"The accompanying templates are fantastic and make it much easier to digest some of the technical information."

   - Sarah -

"The [tutorial] includes access to a couple templates that really had me hit the ground running."

   - Troy Husum

"You can also buy and download the example files used in the book from the website. These accompanying resources are great to work with. I also like the artwork in the book!

   - Coki-c

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