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The map of Scandinavia created for "The Saga of Beowulf" was originally intended to be seen in color on a parchment background, but due to the costs of printing was reduced to black and white in the print edition. This was carried over to the ebook for consistency, although color could have been included. It is presented here for the first time as it was intended, along with the black and white elements, divided into isolated layers of clean line art and label overlays.

The Scandia map presented an inherent difficultly in that there was little in the way of man-made geographic features to detail at this point in time. There were no paved roads, great cities, fortresses, or castles, nor other structures of a monumental size that would merit inclusion on a map. In fact, very little is known or left from this era. Thus, the primary features of such a map remain its natural landscape - its rivers, mountains, and forests - and indeed, its very emptiness tells us much about the wild lands in which these people lived.

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  • Full Color Map
  • Basic Line Art
  • Label Overlays

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