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The two charts below show the final stages in the development of the character lineages for the adaptation of the Beowulf storyline in "The Saga of Beowulf."

The first of these is adapted from one created while researching Beowulf, with the original names as given in the poem, along with speculative dates from the devised chronology (see the Research section and the Chronological Outline found in the Appendices). Additional names have been entered in brackets where a character is known or surmised for which no name is given in the poem. Note that a number of key plot elements are not yet present in this version, such as the incest of Halga and the closer kinship of Wiglaf and Beowulf.

The second chart presents the final devised lineage of the three main clans, in a simplified format that removes all extraneous characters not directly related or involved in the story. In addition, all dates have been removed and relegated to the glossary and chronologies. Here the names have all been altered to their final state, and their relationships solidified.

* * *

  • Adapted Dating Chart
  • Simplified Lineage Chart

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