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The Nibelungenlied

The Nibelungenlied (that is, The Lay of the Nibelungs), is a 13th century verse narrative in Middle High German telling in a post-Christian courtly romance idiom much of the matter found in the heroic lays of the Elder Edda and the Völsunga Saga, as well as incorporating further material from the Legend of Norna-Gest, and Thidrek's Saga The primary story line tells of the ill-fated dragon-slaying hero Siegfried (O.N. Sigurd) and the revenge of his wife Kriemhild (O.N. Gudrun) on those who slew him.

The Nibelungelied exists in 11 complete manuscripts, as well as 24 fragmentary sources, spanning a period from ca.1230 A.D. well into the 18th century. A great many Modern English editions are available, in both prose and verse, but two each of these are provided below.

For a short introductory essay on the development and milieu of The Nibelungenlied, as well as the comparative styles of these particular versions, see the post on Scot's Blog here.

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Alice Horton (1898)

G. H. Needler (1904)


Margaret Armour (1897)

Daniel B. Shumway (1909)

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