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Beowulf Cartography

The world in which "Beowulf" is set was one of turmoil and uncertainty, where settlements rose and fell as neighboring tribes collided. Few men would have had a firm idea of the lands beyond their own village, save those who sailed the seas, and for these only the coastlines and inland rivers would be known. Borders were not fixed (or even agreed on), and much of the land was still wild and uncharted. The maps below will help to give you an idea of where the primary tribal clans were positioned at that time, as far as scholars can determine, although there is much debate down to this day. Also included here are two maps of Gaul, showing the division of Frankia after the death of Clovis, and the postulated route of Hygelac's raid.

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  • Klaeber's Map
  • Frankish Domains
  • Hygelac's Raid

Taken from "The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings" by John Haywood (1995)

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