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eBook Formatting Tutorials

In this section you will find a series of tutorials first posted on the blog, but now moved here for ease of reference. Both detail how to produce fixed layout files, rather than the standard “reflowable” type, a topic for which there was scanty information when they were posted back in 2012. Each tutorial also contains a section providing links to further info on the web. Below the index you will also find a number of links to reference charts you might find useful. At the bottom of the page you'll also find all of the currently available template and sample files, which can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

How To Create Fixed-Layout iBooks

How To Make Fixed-Layout Kindle ebooks

This iBooks tutorial will take you through the necessary steps to complete a project from start to finish using manual coding rather than an app like iBooks Author, explaining in detail what each file is for and how each portion of the code works.

This tutorial provides an introduction to the complex process of producing image-rich fixed-layout content in the Kindle format, explaining in detail the contents and options in the structural components of a Kindle ebook file.

Useful Resources

Templates & Samples


Free with purchase of "How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books"

Kindle Simple Template Cover

Kindle Simple Template
ePub source file [8.9 Mb]

11-page project template containing image-only layouts, as discussed in the first part of my formatting manual. This epub source code archive also contains interlinear notes inside the files for your reference.

Kindle Advanced Template Cover

Kindle Advanced Template
ePub source file [12.5 Mb]

18-page companion project template containing multi-layered layouts with many advanced features, as discussed in the last half of the book. This epub source code archive also contains interlinear notes inside the files for ease of reference.

Kindle Basic Layout Sample Cover

Kindle Basic Layout Sample
Kindle mobi [11.36 Mb]

8-page sample file illustrating non-interactive layouts, including single and two-page spreads with Virtual Panel zoom. This file uses the "comic" book-type. Kindle mobi file only included in download, for viewing on your device or app of choice.

Kindle Zoom Feature Sample Cover

Kindle Zoom Feature Sample
Kindle mobi [19.12 Mb]

16-page sample file demonstrating complex, multi-layered layouts with live text functions and many unique uses of the region magnification feature. This file uses the "none" book-type. Kindle mobi file only, for viewing on your device or app of choice.


Click image to download

iBooks Fixed Layout Template

iBooks Fixed Layout Template
ePub3 format [3.2 Mb]

4-page tutorial companion template containing the essential EPUB3 source code and simple page layouts, including image-only and live text layers, with both text and image hyperlinks.

iBooks Fixed Layout Sample

iBooks Fixed Layout Sample
ePub3 format [13.06 Mb]

12-page advanced project template demonstrating many advanced features, including pop-up footnotes, embedded audio and video, draggable and stampable elements, Read Aloud, and CSS animation.


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