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Latest Updates

  • Ring Saga Resource Archive Updated
  • ~ April 26, 2016

    The Research and Resource sections of the Ring Saga Archives have been rebuilt and updated with dozens of ebook downloads available (some not available here before), along with a multitude of support documents and research notes.

  • Kindle FXL Chart Updated
  • ~ September 1, 2015

    The Kindle Fixed Layout Functionality Chart has been updated yet again, this time with a new column added for the iOS app, which can now be tested.

Book Trailer

The original Flash video book trailer from 2009’s blog tour promotion of The Saga of Beowulf. Music is “Morpheus Calls” from the Shockwave Sound archive.

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Praise for for "The Saga of Beowulf":

R Scot Johns' writing style is so vivid I could picture myself observing Beowulf's battles and adventures. EXTREMELY well done!

- Dave K, 3 December 2014

The Newest Review for "How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books":

Very thorough treatment of the variety of issues related to ePublishing for Kindle fixed format type of books.

- Philip Siddonson, 30 November 2015


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Featured Reviews

How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books   ★★★★★

Invaluable Resource for Programming Kindle

This is an invaluable resource for me! I'm currently converting a children's book from print into kindle format and have tried Amazon's Comic Creator and Kindle Kid's Book Creator. Both applications have failed my expectations and the Kindle Kid's Book Creator didn't even display the pages of the ebook when I uploaded it to my iPad Kindle. The last resort is to use Kindlegen and that's where this book shines. It's a big help in navigating me through the numerous options that are often not straight forward (i.e. "original-resolution" meta tag). I highly recommend it.

On the other hand I'm a programmer and very familiar with HTML. If you have never touched HTML this might be a little more difficult to pick up, but the author does a good job in explaining things in detail. Once you buy this ebook, you'll have free access to the authors sample templates, which are A LOT easier to use than Amazon's sample templates.

   - Chris - July 25, 2015

The Saga of Beowulf   ★★★★★

Vivid Imagery, Captivating Story, Modern English!

When they made the most recent Beowulf movie [they] should have used this book as a template! This book reads like a modern-day fantasy action novel; I find R Scot Johns' depiction captivating and thoroughly enjoyable. The only thing that could have made this novel better is if it were possible to make hyperlinks on proper names and places connect to the Glossary of Names & Places. There are many characters and sometimes it's challenging to keep track of them all and how they relate to one another.

I never thought I'd enjoy reading an epic like Beowulf; R Scot Johns' writing style is so vivid I could picture myself observing Beowulf's battles and adventures. EXTREMELY well done!

   - Dave K - December 3, 2014