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Latest Updates

  • New Art Archives Added
  • ~ January 24, 2015

    A few new pages of art materials can be found in the Gallery.

  • Kindle Comics 2.2 Update
  • ~ January 19, 2015

    "How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books has been updated to include new changes made by Amazon.

  • Ebook Tutorial Archive Added
  • ~ January 17, 2015

    A new Tutorials menu button leads to an index of archived ebook tutorials.

Book Trailer

The original Flash video book trailer from 2009’s blog tour promotion of The Saga of Beowulf. Music is “Morpheus Calls” from the Shockwave Sound archive.

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Praise for for "The Saga of Beowulf":

R Scot Johns' writing style is so vivid I could picture myself observing Beowulf's battles and adventures. EXTREMELY well done!

- Dave K, 3 December 2014

The Newest Review for "How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books":

Very well written, easy instructions. This book helped me with formatting my own children's book. Thank you.

- Diane Chattaway, 15 April 2015


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Featured Reviews

How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books   ★★★★★

Once Upon A Time...

...There was a 27 year old man who didn't own a Kindle and didn't know the first thing about creating an e-book.

He wanted to create children's picture books and had exceptional ideas and all he needed was a way to bring them to market.

As he searched and searched and searched for templates, guides and more he stumbled upon Scot's Blog. It was here he discovered multiple templates and a Step-By-Step Guide that would change his life.

I'm that guy, and I'm here to tell you this book is worth it. It walked me through every step in creating my first children's picture book and went into extra detail on the little things just to make sure I knew what I was doing. Since then I've gone on to create 5 picture books with two more on the way, and three of which are completely interactive!

I won't tell you this book is the end-all be-all and that it will be impossible to create a picture book without this guide, but that is seriously how it felt for me. Amazon's instructions are murky at best. This book lifted the cloud of fog and now everything is clear. I'm actually creating books that are making sales!

If you want to create children's picture books and you are pondering which guide is the best, please consider How To Make Kindle Comics & Children's Books as it will save you money, and months of time.

P.S. Scot is very thorough and has assisted me numerous times when I had questions. His guidance is priceless, he frequently updates his materials, and I will definitely be using any other templates and guides he releases in the future.

   - Lex DeVille - July 13, 2014

The Saga of Beowulf   ★★★★★

An Overdue Portrayal of the Norse Classic

Not since Robert Low's 'Oathsworn' series and Bernard Cornwell's 'Saxon Chronicles' have I been so enthused about an author's writing style. Mr. John's obvious enthusiasm for the Sagas, and an ability to translate their appeal through contemporary prose, reads like a climactic film adaptation - though I've yet to read a novelization as impressive as 'The Saga of Beowulf'.

With a lifetime collection of Norse and Viking era mythology, folklore, faith, history and fiction - I am counting this book amongst one of my favorites. Though I am still reading the book -I am confident to review and promote it's integrity with enthusiasm.

With that said - this book deserves a mass marketed publishing. Fortunately, Amazon is making this quality of independent writing available to other writers, and enthusiastic readers.

   - Grim Frostbeard - May 4, 2013